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Help us reduce the Ocean Pollution in the PH, by supporting "The Plastic Plug" Project developed by the x.1-foundation
In partnership with:  | Microsoft Philippines | Rolf Cremer Watches  | National Ocean Responsibility Measures | #YES18 |

The Problem – SAYANG

The world points their finger at the Philippines being a large Ocean Plastic Polluter.

While the claim might be not completely true (because the study from 2015 relies on coastlines as a factor for the estimations) it is undeniable that we play a major role in the Ocean Plastic Pollution.
We are also the country with the most volunteers according to the ICC. Environmental advocacy group Ocean Conservancy reported for the past 11 years the biggest number of volunteers in the annual International Coastal Clean-Up (ICC) Day around the world is in the Philippines.
But just constantly cleaning the beaches is not enough! We need to stop the flood:

Ocean Emergency Program

It takes only 3 minutes ... watch our trailer!
Or open it directly in YOUTUBE here
We can not waste time anymore and wait for all the different approaches to solve the waste problem. We have to act now!

The PlasticPlug is a holistic approach to the main problem of ocean pollution with floating garbage through rivers. And a powerful and inspiring motivational campaign which will help changing the mindset of all areas of the society.
It starts in the Philippines as a pilot project - to prove to the world it's feasibility and success. It will then spread to all South East Asia. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO
This video shows the complete concept, but it is 10 minutes long
Or open it directly in FACEBOOK here
The PlasticPlug is a 3-folded holistic concept: Retrieve, Recover and Reward

The Mechanical Component

Learn more about the Engineering Contest here
Using a mixture of archaic and modern techniques we are able to collect all the trash automatically from the river BEFORE it enters the ocean. 
And we have a holistic system solution
  • Retrieval
  • Recovery
  • Rewarding
The Mechanical Component is meant to be inexpensive and typical GAWANG PINOY! The General Idea is to create a blueprint for how a PINOY implementation of the Boston Mr. Trash wheel could look like. Use clever engineering solutions with local materials, even junk -- the model picture we have shows the use of old plastic barrels for the waterwheel.
The Final Goals are: A DIY manual, an easy to read and understand blueprint for empowering the Barangays to build it.
Material list (with focus on local available materials especially used materials from junk shops or easy to get materials like bamboo (for not water-touching parts)
  • Rough cost estimation of the materials
  • Rough time estimation for the building time
  • Rough overview of tools needed
Our system won't interrupt the boat traffic and is applied for patent.

And it and needs a minimum number of operators. 

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Your Role

We need the You to help us to make the Philippines proud again!

You can be a volunteer for our country and the whole world. We have a wide area of roles to choose form. From helping with the Engineering Contest and doing Social Media Activities to being a Digital Hero for PH
Learn more about the project PlasticPlug

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Software Role

We need the digital community to help us to make the Philippines proud again!

You can be a digital hero for our country and the whole world. Once we prove the system in PH it will be implemented in all SEA and save the oceans by reducing pollution with floating garbage.
A team of international hackers is supporting us:

The four areas of the Digital Component

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Artificial Intelligence
(Machine Learning)

The first step of the Digital Journey is the recognition of the incoming materials. We will have a rough weighing estimate by the containers of the BasuraWheel, but we also want to identify certain items during the segregation process. Think of recognizing the Coke bottles, the MaxiPeel containers, the Styrofoam coffee cups. This is the most complicated part.

Database, Blockchain and
Smart Contracts

The database must store the incoming data from all locations. Of course, you are aware of the limits in the Philippines. According to a study by Surfshark, Philippines has “Expensive Turtle Internet”. The BasuraWheels operate in remote areas with bad net coverage. Therefore, we must have a strong focus on low-bandwidth solutions. Great examples for low-bandwidth focus is Microsoft’s Kaizala which was built by Microsoft Garage Nerds to focus on a low-bandwidth collaboration software in emerging countries.
Smart Contracts allow us to have a fully automated and completely transparent system which ensures secure and compliant transactions with our partners.

Mobile App Development

The Mobile App is the core dashboard for the data. It will be a monitoring tool and hence has to be able to function in the typical BI ways: 
- Filter the data for all kind of possible requests
- Present data in graphical UI
- Available for all platforms (Android, IOS, Webapp)

On top of the monitoring part, which is pretty standard BI work, there is a motivation and rewarding campaign implemented. For this we need to have the option of:
- Showing Leaderboards for the different urban structure levels (Barangay-Municipality-Region)
- Create Recognition Certificates in Social Media Formats (FB, Instagram, Twitter) for immediate release and sharing by the Mayors offices.
- Automatically post regular success numbers/stories to Social Media Platforms and Blogs which signed up (RSS Feeds)


Automated Awarding Templates

An important core part of the Motivation and Inspiration Campaign centers around the Awarding which can be scaled from smallest Barangay to highest National Basketball League level.
We need automated Social Media Awards as well as offline solutions as in Print Templates for every Barangay to be able to easily participate in the branded campaign.
Sponsors should be able to also participate with vouchers.

Contact & Volunteer

... and help us make PH proud!
Volunteer Application (#1)


In which area(s) would you like to be part of our team (You can check multiple items):

More about You

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Become a part of the PINOY DIGITAL TEAM! Simply apply through the form on this page. 

Be Elected

Our jury will then elect the members of the PINOY DIGITAL HERO Team who will then work on the project together. 

We will then present the Beta to the committee and the Philippine public.

Get Full Credit & Rewards

As a part of the PINOY DIGITAL HERO Team, you will be a major changemaker in the protection of the ocean and its creatures and help making the Philippines proud again as the Maritime Nation we are. 

We will integrate you in our documentation movie and show it to the world.

Any possible grants and donations for the Digital Component collected during the beta phase of the project will go to our PINOY DIGITAL HERO Team. 

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